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м.Вінниця, вул. Соборна 34

Vinnytsia, 34 Soborna str.

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By plane:

The international airport "Gavrishivka" is located 12 km away from the hotel. Today the International Airport receives and sends flights to Poland, Israel and Egypt.

Information about the timetable and air tickets can be obtained by calling the airport inquiry service at: +38 (0432) 61-05-49, or on the website http://airvinnitsa.com/


Airlines operating direct flights to Vinnitsa:

Ukrainian International Airlines flyuia.com

From the International Airport of Vinnitsa to the city center and the hotel "France" you can go by bus route №30 or taxi.


By train:

The main station of Vinnytsia is locaten in 2.5 km from the city center.

More information or to order tickets: uz.gov.ua.


From the main railway station, you can get to the hotel by using tram №1,4,6, trolleybus №5 and bus № 25

By bus:

From the major cities of Europe in Vinnitsa regular buses run. This is the easiest way to get from the neighboring countries of Ukraine to Vinnitsa. As a rule, regular international buses stop in Vinnitsa at the Central Bus Station (AC-1 on Kievskaya Street).

For more information: bus.com.ua.

By own transport:

If you are traveling to Vinnitsa by your own car, then be guided by the international motorways E-50 and M-21.