The massage parlor at the Hotel France

invites you to plunge into the unforgettable atmosphere of relaxation. Experienced masseurs work for you, They would take into consideration all your wishes and select the appropriate type of massage. Here you can relax from the urban hustle and bustle.








A visit to the hairdressing salon at the Hotel France

will be a celebration of beauty and charm for you, and a cozy, stylish atmosphere and professional staff will make your visit not only effective, but also enjoyable.










Harmony and a healthy lifestyle, of course is the time devoted to the training process. A spacious, modern gym creates conditions for strength training, aerobics and endurance training. Our Guests, even while traveling, can daily exercise.









Bicycle rental

    Take the opportunity and at least one day while staying in Vinnytsia, dedicate to cycling or bike tours. 
Cycling is a great way to diversify leisure, go to nature, improve your health and visit new places.