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Aqua zone it’s a beautiful opportunity to spend time helpful. Take advantage of the sports swimming pool and relax in the Jacuzzi after an active rest. Also we offer a swimming pool for children.

Aqua zone is equipped with modern technology of purification and filtration which are keeping the water clean and at a good level of PH. Filtration modern technology allows to make the water safe and pleasant to swim in because it contains minimal chlorine.

Relax Space keeps the temperature of air and water comfortable for the satisfaction of guests.
The Temperature of the SPA we are keeping is 29-30 degrees, water temperature in the swimming pool is 27 degrees, jacuzzi temperature is 34-35 degrees, in the swimming pool for children 31-33 degrees.

Relax Space cares about the health and mood of the guests and offers to compliment you with swimming training or aqua aerobics. Coaches are masters of sport to help you improve your swimming skills quickly. Relax Space offers adult personal training and aqua aerobics, also for children personal and group swimming training.

Active rest at Relax Space will have many beautiful memories of staying at hotel France Vinnytsia.

For guests staying at the “France” hotel, visiting the aqua zone between 06:30-16:00 and 20:00-22:00 is included in the price of accommodation.

Contact us: +38 (098) 162 99 99