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The positive impact of hammam is well-known from ancient times. High level of humidity and hot steam help to improve blood circulation, gently warm up your muscles and joints. Moreover, hammam helps to reduce stress and improves your mood.

Relax Space is equipped with two types of hammam: classic and aroma hammam. Professional masseurs and cosmetics of an Italian brand “Gerard`s” are at your service. Relax Space will make your visit to the hammam unforgettable.

Relax Space offers 3 types of the SPA-rituals in hammam. They will help you to get rid of swelling, remove excess water from your body and you will definitely enjoy the warmth and humidity of hammam.

Arabian hammam is a complex of spa treatments, which includes bathing techniques and Kese. You will feel great pleasure during the bathing treatment and then your skin will be gently cleansed with a silk glove, which will make your skin softer.

Turkish hammam is one of the most popular SPA-ritual. This traditional treatment is well-known for its effectiveness. Classic bathing in the hammam

Moroccan hammam is a complex of spa treatments, which has the best and the most effective impact on your organism. You will feel completely relaxed during the SPA-ritual. It includes traditional bathing in the hammam, cleansing of the skin with black soap, wrapping with Rassoul clay, and then a full body relax-massage at the end of the SPA-ritual.

Enjoy relaxation in the hammam and the professional work of the Relax Space masseurs.

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