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SPA Rituals

SPA Rituals

Relax Space offers you to try a variety of cosmetic SPA-rituals, which combine exotic techniques, effective massages and a nice mood afterwards. Choose your special SPA-ritual and experience unforgettable emotions.

LULUR TROPICAL is an ancient ritual that came to us from the islands of Bali and Java. The main point of this exotic technique is moisturizing of the skin. This SPA-ritual includes yogurt body wrap and moisturizing of your face with an organic yogurt. This treatment is one of the most pleasant spa rituals, which will provide you softness of the skin and a healthy glow. 

CHOCOLATE MIRACLE is a SPA-ritual that will remain in your memory for a long time. In addition to the positive effect on the body and skin, this spa treatment also has a significant effect on the nervous system, as it improves your mood and stimulates the formation of serotonin. A unique chocolate wrap awaits you, during which chocolate is rubbed into the skin with almond oil. The skin will retain its natural glow and chocolate aroma for a long time.

PEAT SPA DETOX is a complex that has a significant positive effect on health. Using peat in SPA-rituals will help to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling. Natural components will pleasantly moisturize the skin and help to activate metabolism.

RITUAL CANDLE is one of the most pleasant SPA-rituals. Relaxation combined with benefits for your health, what could be better? This massage is based on aroma candle oil, which includes ingredients such as shea butter, coconut and almond oil.

SEAWEED SYNERGY is a SPA-ritual, which energizes you from the start.  This treatment will quickly tone your body, it will help to clean your skin and enrich it with trace elements of seaweed. One of the most effective SPA-rituals that will help to reduce swelling and remove excess water from the body.

PEPPER AROMA THERAPY is a SPA-ritual aimed at losing weight. Its name speaks for itself. This treatment is based on black pepper and white clay therapy, which includes an anti-cellulite massage, that will help you to achieve the desired result in the shortest time possible.

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